Freedom Flags


Freedom Flags is the name of the first Meta-Human combat group created by Department H (the military-aligned bureau that enlists US Meta-Humans and organizes their activities during the war). Its members are the most famous US Meta-Humans, admired and beloved by American citizens. They're the light of hope for the European countries not aligned with the Axis forces.









Arischer Sturm

This is the Third Reich first Meta-Human squad, whose members are worldwide acknowledged as the most powerful living beings so far. They're the spearhead of German's military power and none of the Meta-Humans of the other countries have yet managed to defeat any of the members of the Arischer Sturm when they crossed paths on the battlefield.








The Protectors

This is the name of the Meta-Human squad created by the British O.E.M. (Office for Extraordinary Matters). When Warlock Jesper St. Clare became personal counselor for the arcane of Prime Minister Winston Churcill, he promoted the creation of a group of Meta-Humans to defend Britain, and he personally selected its members.





The Okinami (Great Wave) had been created by the Butokudden (the military corp that includes Meta-Human regiments and squads) following the example of German's Arischer Sturm, to be a symbol and incite Japan's militarist spirit. Its members soon learned how to cooperate with each other at their best, making the Okinami an impressive war machine. But they're individualists and psychological tests confirm that they will never forge any esprit de corps: none of them was ever proud to be a member of the Okinami.

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The first Soviet squad of Meta-Humans was created in 1940 and was called Zvezda (Star). It started its missions only in 1941, and by that time some of the original members had already been replaced with others. In 1941 the O.K.G.S.S. (Organizazzionniy Komitet Geroev Sovetskova Soyuza – “Committe for the Organization of Soviet People's Heroes”) received from the U.S. some old mutation chambers, and the Soviets started massive production of Meta-Humans, paying no heed to the high death toll among the candidates.



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