Freedom Flags

Freedom Flags is the name of the first Meta-Human combat group created by Department H (the military-aligned bureau that enlists US Meta-Humans and organizes their activities during the war). Its members are the most famous US Meta-Humans, admired and beloved by American citizens. They're the light of hope for the European countries not aligned with the Axis forces.







The Flag

The Flag is the leader of the group. He's also a symbol, an emblem of United States at war. The Flag is the embodiment of hope and US unwavering will to defeat the Nazis and their allies. The Flag had been created by Department H and US propaganda bureaus to incarnate the stereotype of the brave, valiant soldier, to inspire courage and virtues in the troops. There are many candidates, carefully selected among the army, navy and aeronautic corps, ready to wear the mask and raise the Staff of Liberty should their predecessor fall.

Dwight Hogan is the man currently wearing The Flag's mask: he has an excellent martial and athletic training and he's already successfully completed more missions than any other candidate. He's an expert soldier and charismatic leader. In the Department H classification he's an Adventurer: a combatant with no superpowers but with superior training and advanced equipments. He wields the Staff of Liberty, a weapon that shoots crackling energy bolts, and he's equipped with the Serum of the Super-Soldier, that increases his reaction speed.


Bald Eagle

Lawrence Byrd was a decorated U.S.A.A.F. lieutenant that volunteered for the H.E.P. (Hope Experimental Process, the protocol derived by German's Wunderkammern and perfected by Aaron Spiegelmann, alias Dr. Hope, in the U.S.A.): he's classified as a Lab Prodigy (someone who gained their powers through the H.E.P.). In the mutation chamber he acquired the ability to fly and deadly retractable talons able to cut through thick metal without effort. Loyal and idealist, a true patriot, he has never failed a mission yet.






John Doe

Eric Dunn was a civilian when the war broke out. When Department H started looking for suitable candidates for the mutation process, he promptly volunteered. He's a Lab Prodigy and in the mutation chamber he got extraordinary mind skills: he's able to distort people's perceptions creating strong illusions on himself, on others and on the surroundings. Thanks to his powers he can make himself completely invisible, disappearing from others' perception range, and he can also disguise himself, changing his face and body appearance at will.






Cheryl Davenport is a Natural Prodigy, which means she was born with her powers and didn't get them in a mutation chamber. She discovered her true nature at the age of 15 when, after a traumatic event (whose details are classified) a third eye opened on her forehead and she became aware of her telekinetic and telepathic abilities. Leaving her hometown and family, she lived of small thefts on the streets for about three years. She chose to answer to Department H voluntary recruitment call and put herself to the Country's service. The training improved her already outstanding skills and she learned how to use them on herself, which now allows her to fly.





Thomas Jefferson Carter (T.J. Carter) is the only black member of the Freedom Flags. A former US interforce boxe champion, he was on the U.S.S. Missouri when the Japanese navy struck Pearl Harbor and he lost both his arms in the attack. Department H contacted Carter to make him the first Machine-Man of the Freedom Flags. His lost limbs had been replaced by electromechanical arms that can be equipped with hydraulic hammers. A spinal integrated support strenghtens his backbone and distributes the weight of the iron arms. Extremely disciplined, he never questions orders and he's the perfect soldier: he despises the other squad members but he efficiently works with them. His hatred against Japanese people is also well known.


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