The first Soviet squad of Meta-Humans was created in 1940 and was called Zvezda (Star). It started its missions only in 1941, and by that time some of the original members had already been replaced with others. In 1941 the O.K.G.S.S. (Organizazzionniy Komitet Geroev Sovetskova Soyuza – “Committe for the Organization of Soviet People's Heroes”) received from the U.S. some old mutation chambers, and the Soviets started massive production of Meta-Humans, paying no heed to the high death toll among the candidates.








Dmytro Volkov was one of the soldiers selected to undergo the mutation chamber process, and one of the first Soviet great successes. He immediately manifested superpowers comparable with those of the best German and U.S. Meta-Humans. He can regenerate his wounds, healing fast from the most devastating of damages and he's insensible to pain, which makes him able to continue the fight when others would fall unconscious. He also developed prodigious strength and the ability to elongate his nails into sharp and deadly claws. Despite his irascible and undisciplined nature, he's been chosen as leader of the Zvezda, replacing Chernobog, who detained that title since the creation of the squad.






Her true name is Alina, but little else is known about her. She comes from a far away village in Siberian steppe, incinerated by unknown assailants and for no reason, but Zvezda recruiters believe that Alina was the cause of the disaster, when her innate powers manifested without control. She's a Natural Prodigy with psychic and psychokinetic powers, but since she's been found by Zvezda recruiters she fell into a stubborn and apathetic silence, showing no interest in the outside world. Only after the creation of Zveroboi, she “woke up” from her apathetic state and chose to follow orders, manifesting the full extent of her powers.




When a giant whelp emerged from the mutation chamber, Soviet scientists classified it as another failure. It was evidently gifted with supernatural strength and resistance, but it was unable to take care of himself and to use its hands, because they were horribly deformed. Baba-Yaga grew immediately affectionate to the creature, called it Zveroboi, and pleaded scientist Ettore Majorana to help it. Zveroboi underwent a surgical operation and a new mutation process in a modified chamber, later called by Soviet scientists “hybridization chamber”. Two mechanical implants now replace its useless forearms, with giant gauntlets with iron clawed fingers. Zveroboi is the first exemplar of a new type of Meta-Humans, called Abominations.






Anatoliy Voronin, who used to work in a slaughterhouse like his father and his grandfather did before him, is the Keeper of a sledgehammer that had belonged to his family for centuries. When he discovered the hidden powers of the sledgehammer (that had been nothing but a working tool for him for years) he became able to turn into an avatar of Chernobog, the Dark God of Death. When he entered the Zvezda he was considered the best candidate to become its leader, but before the squad could become operational, he was replaced by Lab Prodigy Ataman. Chernobog now despises the new leader, and limits his time with the squad members to the missions themselves.






Rada Dragomirova's grandfather was general Mikhail Ivanovich Dragomirov, one of the fiercest opponents of Bolshevik faction. Rada became an orphan at the age of eight, when all her family was murdered during Soviet purges. She grew up with a mysterious man called Zubatov and lived her childhood in semi-isolation in a baita in the Urals' woods. Zubatov was the master tactician behind the raise and victory of Bolshevik party and he taught Rada guerrilla and murderer's techniques. He also psychologically plagued her, preparing the young girl to serve the Soviet cause to redeem the name of her family. At the age of sixteen Rada joined the N.K.V.D. (Narodnyj Komissariat Vnutrennich Del – “People's Commitee for Internal Affairs”) soon becoming one of its most dreadful and efficient assassins. When the O.K.G.S.S. started to recruit for the Zvezda, Rada was chosen to become an instrument of control on behalf of the secret intelligence and she received the battle name of Zikan. Before the Zvezda started its missions, Zikan was removed from it, all her documents and her identity deleted or covered by military secret, and she became a legend as member of the so called Chernaya Zvezda (Black Zvezda), a squad of assassins that surveys the members and operations of the Zvezda and other squads of Meta-Humans.



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