Arischer Sturm

This is the Third Reich first Meta-Human squad, whose members are worldwide acknowledged as the most powerful living beings so far. They're the spearhead of German's military power and none of the Meta-Humans of the other countries have yet managed to defeat any of the members of the Arischer Sturm when they crossed paths on the battlefield.







Todes Maske

He's the leader of the Arischer Sturm and wears the Crystal Skull: a powerful artifact which is said was created by a congregation of powerful mages (The Council of the Thirteen) in ancient times. A squad of Nazi dark Warlocks found the long-lost Skull. Even if it lacks its mandible, and the artifact is thus incomplete, the Skull still holds incredible arcane powers that can be channelled and unleashed by its wearer. Its current possessor is SS colonel Reinhardt Yunkel. When wearing the Skull he becomes Todes Maske, a frightening being able to fly, breath infernal flames and with a supernatural resistance to most sources of damage. He's classified as a Keeper: a Meta-Human who is able to awaken the powers of an ancient relic, living in quasi-symbiosis with it.






Freida Weber is the woman behind the idea and project of the Wunderkammern and the mutation process. Cold and algid, Freida underwent the mutation against her will, when she was forced to seek refuge from the devastating rage of Fenrir in a Wunderkammer, during the laboratory incident that lead to Aaron Spiegelmann's escape. The mutation process gave her the ability to fly, near-invulnerability against any sort of damage, and prodigious strength. But it also changed her mind, turning her in a coldblood and intrepid fighter, detatched and oblivious of any human emotion. She's a symbol as much as The Flag: the mighty Valkirie leading warriors to battle.







Jurgen Cranigh was just a mediocre SS soldier of dubious morality and is now a Lab Prodigy. In the Wunderkammer he underwent an unexpected and invasive mutation that turned him in an imposing werewolf-like beast. His human emotions and mind patterns were completely erased, replaced by an animalistic, almost perpetual blood lust frenzy. Only Brunhild is able to control him, by means of brutal strength, and he's constantly kept in chains that are removed only in proximity of the enemy. Fenrir is apparently unable to tell friend from foes, and he attacks whoever crosses his path. He's extremely strong, has beastly agility and is ten times more resistant than a common man.






Lothar Krieger was a violent, bloodthirsty Sturmtruppen during WW I, with fifty-six confirmed kills in combat actions. Among other unspeakable acts of cruelty, it's worth mentioning the beheading of at least twenty captive French soldiers using a trench shovel. When the British troops eventually trapped and caught him, they repaid him just as mercilessly with devastating tortures and the amputation of arms and legs. Thanks to diplomatic efforts, Krieger was returned to Germany after the war, where he was celebrated as a hero by the growing Nazi movement and he later accepted to become part of the Wundersprojekt. Nazi technicians and scientists built around the mutilated soldier an imposing mechanical body, creating the first man-machine hybrid or Marchine-man, and they called him Zerstörer (Destroyer). The limbs of this new iron body can be easily replaced with weapons to suit any mission's needs.



Olaf Kreuzer status is that of the Adventurer. He maintains to be the bastard son of baron Manfred Von Richtofen. Before the war he was a performer and aicraft pilot for an air circus, he later joined Luftwaffe as an extremely talented but reckless pilot, and his daring attitudes both earned him glory and fame in the skies and complaints from his superiors. Wundersprojekt scientists specifically designed for him the first rocket glider prototype: a flying machine with a higher maneuverability than any other aircraft. After successful missions with the prototype, the Nazis started the industrial production of rocket gliders for a special squad trained and lead by Richtofen: the Poltergeists.






Seelenjäger (Soul hunter) is just the name used by the Allies to call this individual. He's a mysterious man and British and US Meta-Humans that crossed paths with him during their missions barely managed to escape his powers, whose extents are unknown. British Warlock Jesper St. Clare of the Order of the Observers believes that his powers are emanated by the many necklaces, rings and bracelets constantly worn by the man, coming to the conclusion that they could be minor artifacts. If this theory is proven true, then Seelenjäger must be the last Soul hunter: a dangerous faction of Warlocks that the Order of the Observers fought and destroyed in the past.


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