A Red Star rises

04/08/2015 18:07

While waiting for the first U.S. and Nazi minis, why not exploring the other factions? War of Wonders is based on WW II historical facts, and as such all the major countries at war will have their troops and Meta-Humans ready to join the action.

Of course we couldn't ignore Soviet Russia! The Zvezda (Star) is the first and most important Meta-Human squad created by O.K.G.S.S. (Organizazzionniy Komitet Geroev Sovetskova Soyuza – “Committe for the Organization of Soviet People's Heroes”) by enlisting Natural Prodigies and creating new ones in Soviet laboratories, using old mutation chambers received from the U.S.


Sadly the procedures killed many candidates, but the scientists paid no heed to the high death toll and persisted 'till they managed to create the two most powerful Soviet Meta-Humans: the resilient Ataman and the Abomination known as Zveroboi.


You can read their stories in the Faction section of our blog, and see some original artworks from our artists following this link. Enjoy!


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