An army in a pack

14/10/2015 17:30
After Kickstarter's campaign you're probably just as eager as we are to see War of Wonders' awesome combatants come to life and in proper shape.

Well, the moment you can stop holding your breath is drawing nearer and nearer and you'll soon be able to take your Meta-Humans and their troops to your tabletop.

Straight from our office, here is the first pic of the packs of miniatures delivered by Greebo Games. The bearded man with a startled face in the background is Simone Fini, the creative mind behind War of Wonders and most of its Beta rules.

We're already in the process of completing the packaging and we're glad to announce that if you visit Lucca Comics & Games fair from Oct 29th to Nov 1st, you can get the miniatures you pledged for at Limana Umanìta booth (Padiglione Carducci, number G63).

For the rest of you, the deliveries will start in the shortest time after the fair itself!



War of Wonders miniature game