06/06/2015 11:58

The Kickstarter has been funded!

Our sincerest thanks to all our backers for making it possible, for supporting the project and providing important feedbacks throughout the campaign.

Let's face it, we hoped for a better result, more backers and more stretch goals unlocked to produce many more Meta-Humans and special squads with the Kickstarter, but we probably paid for our inexperience with the KS tools and did some mistakes. We were able to amend some of them on the run, others were not so easy to cope with.

Nonetheless, thanks to your support and interest for the game, for the miniatures and for the extensive background of War of Wonders, we'll be able to produce the promised basic set: 4 Meta-Humans (The Flag, Firefly, Brunhild and Dr. Nachtmahr) and 2 troop squads (US Rangers and German Arisches Korps). Also, as previously announced, we'll produce the first Japanese Meta-Human Yashamaru, even if the funds dwindled under the 5.000 € required to unlock the stretch goal.

We think this is a necessary gesture of consideration and respect towards our backers, and also enough of an answer to those wondering about the future of the game now: we of course intend to produce it and widen the range of miniatures, adding the missing factions, special squads and more characters.

Stay tuned for more!


War of Wonders miniature game