He's on fire!

26/10/2015 11:30

Firefly has released his inner flames and the Nazis will soon meet this reckless, dangerous pyromaniac.


Enjoy a new pic of finished Firefly, sculpted and painted by Wolfbane. He's the second U.S. Meta-Human released with War of Wonders Kickstarter, now ready to set the battlefield ablaze.


Firefly is a hot-headed, impulsive fighter that lacks military training. He's not your best pick as a leader, but he'll be a great choice if you're looking for a powerful Natural Prodigy to support your Rangers. He's particularly dangerous at short-medium distances, and he will pose a serious threat even to almost-invulnerable Brunhild with his Fire Projection, Fire Bullets and Blazing Hands powers. The valkyrie is warned!


Remember that you can pick this miniature at Lucca Comics & Games if you visit Limana's booth (number G63) at Padiglione Carducci.


Shipping will start from Nov 9.


War of Wonders miniature game info@limanaumanita.com