Yashamaru is ready to fight!

16/05/2016 15:14

Yashamaru is here!

And he will add new flavour and tactics to your games. He's deadly in a hand to hand fight, because he masters esoteric combat techniques, but he can also provide a superlative support to the advance of your troops and other Meta-Humans, when he summons the mists to shroud them.


We must apologize if the production of this awesome miniature took longer than expected, due to printing-connected problems and not just that... We did mistakes too along the way. But we don't regret it: we like mistakes, they're the only way to grow up, make experience and learn to do better and become the best.

And “the best” is just what you deserve, and what we want to deliver to our players.

The quality of this sculpt will show you what we mean, and we think you'll fall in love with the way the Water Dragon coils around the miniature's base, like raising from the very ground.


Next we'll show you the assembled and painted miniature!


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