Delayed, but not late

16/12/2015 18:55

This update arrives far later than we expected, but sadly our project manager had been busy working in the background, and after a pretty hectic period we now have some good and some not so good news.


Good news is that Lucca Comics & Games fair was a big success for our company, and along with our RPGs and books we presented to the gamers the first miniatures of War of Wonders, and showed some nicely painted characters. Some of the backers also managed to retrieve the Meta-Humans and troops they pledged for at our booth.


Less good news is that various issues halted the miniatures mass production and we weren't able to start the shipping on Nov 9 as previously announced. We did try our best to bring the miniatures to all you backers sooner than January 2016, but we weren't able to, and we apologize for that.


But good news is that the miniatures will be ready within the time limit for the shipping we announced during the Kickstarter. We've been reassured they will be ready within the end of January 2016, and we'll ship right away.


Other good news about the rulebook: after receiving your feedbacks during the Kickstarter, we worked on further streamlining it and we gave it to some testers and playing groups. We should be able to publish the final version soon for you to freely download and play.


On a side note:

We do apologize once more for the lack of communication in the last two months. For various reasons that diverted our attention, we weren't able to keep up with the updating while working to bring the game to your tabletops, making it our first priority. It might have caused some distrust for the project, and we truly regret it, but we focused more on completing the miniatures, coping with some issues regarding the production, and being ready for the shipping in the given time. If you feel like we abandoned or forgot the project, well it's not. We hope you can forgive us when you receive these splendid miniatures to play your War of Wonders.


War of Wonders miniature game