Download the rules for free

25/03/2016 15:00

Easter is coming, and we bring to you a little present. Go to the new Downloads section of the War of Wonders site and you'll find the free-to-download Rulebook and Cards for US and German factions, including the Powers and Equipment cards that will make your Meta-Humans truly dreadful.


After the Beta rules released during the Kickstarter, we worked to further streamline the rule set and make it easier to understand, leaving the in-depth and tactical options intact. The files are both .pdf and the rulebook contains pics to better illustrate game examples and rules.


If you have any questions about the rules and the game, you can contact us at info [@] and on War of Wonders Facebook page. And now, let's the War of Wonders set your battlefields on fire! Also, don't miss the chance to give us your feedbacks!


Good gaming, and remember to always use your powers responsibly.


War of Wonders miniature game