Wunderkammern activated!

28/08/2015 12:14

We've just activated the Wunderkammern and started the creation of Meta-Humans.


Today we're glad to announce that the production of the miniatures you've pledged for in War of Wonders Kickstarter has started! Greebo Games will print the first batch of miniatures: the US and Nazi multi-component basic squads and all the Meta-Humans that were part of the Kickstarter campaign or announced as premium content. The following will hence be available to those backers that have at least one Meta-Human included in their pledge level: Brunhild, Dr. Nachtmahr, The Flag, Firefly and Yashamaru.


We'll post the pics of the printed miniatures as soon as they're available. Here are Brunhild and The Flag to start with. Enjoy!


War of Wonders miniature game info@limanaumanita.com