09/06/2016 15:14

On 4-5 June 2016 Wolfbane (aka Alessio Cisbani) performed a public painting session during Ludica Marche fair at Castello della Rancia (Tolentino – Italy). And his painting focussed on the recently released Yashamaru miniature for War of Wonders!


Visitors had the chance to see a professional miniature painter and sculptor at work and watch as Yashamaru came to life with every stroke of the brush. And they also received some very good tips on how to paint their Meta-Humans for the next War of Wonders games.


We'll soon show more detailed pictures of the finished miniature, but here you can already enjoy some pics of Wolfbane adding his last touches to Yashamaru and his water dragon.

19/05/2016 10:52

Have you already received your Yashamaru? Well, it's time he joins the fight alongside your Axis troops.

Yashamaru is the first Martial Warrior released for War of Wonders. Martial Warriors are a prerogative of Asian countries such as China and Japan. They combine a solid martial training with esoteric and magical knowledges.

Yashamaru's stat card will soon be available and ready for print, but in the meantime, here are the full stats of this formidable warrior.


Download them from the Dowload page!

His CCA of 5/7 makes him deadly in close combat, surely able to give a hard time to The Flag, even with his Super-Soldier serum.

You'll soon fall in love with Yashamaru's Water Ghosts: though fairly vulnerable, they add three more close combat specialized soldiers to your army. Move them carefully and they'll be able to support your German troops in an assault.

And Yashamaru's power to summon Mist would be extremely useful to shroud your advance! Hide your troops into the Mist if you're going to cross an open terrain with no or little cover, especially when such an advance would give you a stronger position on the battlefield, either closer to your objective or next to a cover from where your sniper or Mg34 can give a good punch to your enemy!


Download Yashamaru's stats from the Download page!

16/05/2016 15:14

Yashamaru is here!

And he will add new flavour and tactics to your games. He's deadly in a hand to hand fight, because he masters esoteric combat techniques, but he can also provide a superlative support to the advance of your troops and other Meta-Humans, when he summons the mists to shroud them.


We must apologize if the production of this awesome miniature took longer than expected, due to printing-connected problems and not just that... We did mistakes too along the way. But we don't regret it: we like mistakes, they're the only way to grow up, make experience and learn to do better and become the best.

And “the best” is just what you deserve, and what we want to deliver to our players.

The quality of this sculpt will show you what we mean, and we think you'll fall in love with the way the Water Dragon coils around the miniature's base, like raising from the very ground.


Next we'll show you the assembled and painted miniature!

25/03/2016 15:00

Easter is coming, and we bring to you a little present. Go to the new Downloads section of the War of Wonders site and you'll find the free-to-download Rulebook and Cards for US and German factions, including the Powers and Equipment cards that will make your Meta-Humans truly dreadful.


After the Beta rules released during the Kickstarter, we worked to further streamline the rule set and make it easier to understand, leaving the in-depth and tactical options intact. The files are both .pdf and the rulebook contains pics to better illustrate game examples and rules.


If you have any questions about the rules and the game, you can contact us at info [@] and on War of Wonders Facebook page. And now, let's the War of Wonders set your battlefields on fire! Also, don't miss the chance to give us your feedbacks!


Good gaming, and remember to always use your powers responsibly.

22/01/2016 10:52

We're currently preparing the packs with the miniatures for the backers of our Kickstarter project. They will be shipped within the month, and we can't wait to hear from them about their battle reports and the terrific deeds of their Meta-Humans!

16/12/2015 18:55

This update arrives far later than we expected, but sadly our project manager had been busy working in the background, and after a pretty hectic period we now have some good and some not so good news.


Good news is that Lucca Comics & Games fair was a big success for our company, and along with our RPGs and books we presented to the gamers the first miniatures of War of Wonders, and showed some nicely painted characters. Some of the backers also managed to retrieve the Meta-Humans and troops they pledged for at our booth.


Less good news is that various issues halted the miniatures mass production and we weren't able to start the shipping on Nov 9 as previously announced. We did try our best to bring the miniatures to all you backers sooner than January 2016, but we weren't able to, and we apologize for that.


But good news is that the miniatures will be ready within the time limit for the shipping we announced during the Kickstarter. We've been reassured they will be ready within the end of January 2016, and we'll ship right away.


Other good news about the rulebook: after receiving your feedbacks during the Kickstarter, we worked on further streamlining it and we gave it to some testers and playing groups. We should be able to publish the final version soon for you to freely download and play.


On a side note:

We do apologize once more for the lack of communication in the last two months. For various reasons that diverted our attention, we weren't able to keep up with the updating while working to bring the game to your tabletops, making it our first priority. It might have caused some distrust for the project, and we truly regret it, but we focused more on completing the miniatures, coping with some issues regarding the production, and being ready for the shipping in the given time. If you feel like we abandoned or forgot the project, well it's not. We hope you can forgive us when you receive these splendid miniatures to play your War of Wonders.

26/10/2015 11:30

Firefly has released his inner flames and the Nazis will soon meet this reckless, dangerous pyromaniac.


Enjoy a new pic of finished Firefly, sculpted and painted by Wolfbane. He's the second U.S. Meta-Human released with War of Wonders Kickstarter, now ready to set the battlefield ablaze.


Firefly is a hot-headed, impulsive fighter that lacks military training. He's not your best pick as a leader, but he'll be a great choice if you're looking for a powerful Natural Prodigy to support your Rangers. He's particularly dangerous at short-medium distances, and he will pose a serious threat even to almost-invulnerable Brunhild with his Fire Projection, Fire Bullets and Blazing Hands powers. The valkyrie is warned!


Remember that you can pick this miniature at Lucca Comics & Games if you visit Limana's booth (number G63) at Padiglione Carducci.


Shipping will start from Nov 9.

23/10/2015 15:32

Dear backers, we're glad to announce that War of Wonders miniatures are ready and packed! Shipping will start from Nov 9.


And more good news for you: if you're going to visit Lucca Comics & Games fair, from Oct 29 to Nov 1, you can pick up your miniatures at Limana Press' booth! Limana will be present every day and you can find us at Padiglione Carducci, booth number G63.


It will be your chance to start playing outright without waiting for shipping costs. We'll look forward to your visit!




Cari backers, siamo lieti di annunciare che le miniature di War of Wonders sono pronte e impacchettate! Le spedizioni inizieranno a partire dal 9 novembre.


Ma c'è un'altra buona notizia per voi: se state progettando di visitare Lucca Comics & Games, dal 29 ottobre all'1 novembre, potete ritirare le vostre miniature direttamente allo stand Limana Umanìta! Saremo lì come ogni anno per tutta la durata della fiera, e ci trovate nell'area Games, Padiglione Carducci, stand G63.


In questo modo potrete cominciare subito a giocare, senza dover attendere i tempi della spedizione postale. Vi aspettiamo!

14/10/2015 17:30
After Kickstarter's campaign you're probably just as eager as we are to see War of Wonders' awesome combatants come to life and in proper shape.

Well, the moment you can stop holding your breath is drawing nearer and nearer and you'll soon be able to take your Meta-Humans and their troops to your tabletop.

Straight from our office, here is the first pic of the packs of miniatures delivered by Greebo Games. The bearded man with a startled face in the background is Simone Fini, the creative mind behind War of Wonders and most of its Beta rules.

We're already in the process of completing the packaging and we're glad to announce that if you visit Lucca Comics & Games fair from Oct 29th to Nov 1st, you can get the miniatures you pledged for at Limana Umanìta booth (Padiglione Carducci, number G63).

For the rest of you, the deliveries will start in the shortest time after the fair itself!


28/08/2015 12:14

We've just activated the Wunderkammern and started the creation of Meta-Humans.


Today we're glad to announce that the production of the miniatures you've pledged for in War of Wonders Kickstarter has started! Greebo Games will print the first batch of miniatures: the US and Nazi multi-component basic squads and all the Meta-Humans that were part of the Kickstarter campaign or announced as premium content. The following will hence be available to those backers that have at least one Meta-Human included in their pledge level: Brunhild, Dr. Nachtmahr, The Flag, Firefly and Yashamaru.


We'll post the pics of the printed miniatures as soon as they're available. Here are Brunhild and The Flag to start with. Enjoy!

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